Samstag Museum, located in the Hawke Building at the University of South Australia, needed an innovative solution to their wayfinding needs. Being located within the University, many visitors felt hesitant and confused making their way into the museum due to a lack of signage. Taking a multi layered approach, we identified key points and used the old art of neon to bring Samstag Museum to life.

The main windows on West Terrace are now lit with the Samstag Museum logo and directional arrow, visually locating Samstag to passerby traffic. The arrow points to the direction of the main entrance and along the way, abstract and minimal lines of neon work with the architecture of the building and displayed artworks, reinforcing, in a subtle but creative manner, the main entrance. A simple but visually striking solution for one of the University’s leading creative centres.

Photography courtesy of Claudio Raschella.