University of South Australia: Student Lounge


University of South Australia: Student Lounge

Wayfinding Design

Working with Phillips/Pilkington Architects, Arketype delighted in designing a custom suite of wayfinding and signage elements for the University of South Australia’s Student Lounge. Located on the ground floor of the Catherine Helen Spence Building (City West), the Student Lounge offers students a space to interact outside of study time. Opened in September 2015, the lounge is devoted to enhancing the student experience and campus life.

The lounge is quite unique in its approach for a student space and the wayfinding elements needed to seamlessly integrate with the architect’s vision. Solutions included custom laser cut signage, a central hanging feature for key wayfinding as well as oversized toilet signage. The end result, a refined, polished and luxe wayfinding suite for the University.

Photography courtesy of Julie Camilleri.